.. Fashion is My Passion ..

Marvelous Black

This is my first black long dress (poor me..lol )

the material is so comfy, so i can wear it not only for night occasion.  i don’t need to spend my money too much for this dress, coz this one is cheap enough.. hehee! i mix it with the grey veil/scarf (paris hijab), which is comfy and also cheap .. 🙂

About the accessories, i choose the dangled necklace with mix stones and silver.. One of my favorite necklace! 😀

Last but not least, shoes!! i wear… what’s that..Mmm, ankle strap shoes, or peep toe..yeaa, whatever..hehee! my friends call it ‘killer shoes’ coz the heels is .. you know! 😀  But don’t worry, this shoes don’t kill me so bad..really, it’s a sexy comfy shoes! 😉

-Black is Beautiful-

Lady Pink

This one is my another party dress.. traditional dress “kebaya”.  Usually, “kebaya” mixed with “kain batik”, but i mix it with pink long skirt (material : satin) so it looks more casual and modern.  Actually, that’s my old “kebaya” (when i was in college..yeaayy!! 😀 )  I mix this “kebaya” with pink veil/scarf (paris hijab), with my own style..chic and simple 😉   We can wear this “kebaya” for wedding party , engagement party, or another traditional party..

-Insipiring Pink-

Simple Purple

Next.  It’s not about party.. It’s my casual style 🙂

From top to toe : purple shawl with comfy material, headband/inner (“ciput ninja”), black outer/ cardigan, black tanktop, purple belt, and skinny jeans.

-Simple Purple-

Happy Flowery

Ready to go to the office… 🙂

Red veil (paris hijab) with simple style, flowery-long sleeve shirt, black pants, over-sized bag and my lovely wedges!! 😀

This style is chic and simple enough for your day.. Ladies, u change the hijab style for another fresh look  😉

-Happy Flowery-


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