Huufftthh… it’s kinda emotional blog i’ve ever wrote… Honestly, i don’t know how to start, how to write, and how to feel all these emotional vibes..

Well, it’s not easy to make our days as lovely as before..  But there’s no reason to let the past steal our happiness.. We both know, we’re totally different but we’re completely a lunatic-partner, and will always be like that.. i hope..

Don’t worry, i won’t write about your weakness in this blog, moreover mine or ours .. hahahha!! i’ll write about… hmmm, let me think! (have no idea, actually..) LOL!! 😀

Yeaaa,  we’ve through so many things… sweet, bitter, sour, salty, spicy… (it makes me hungry anyway!) and of course so much crazy stupid things that we loved..that’s why i loved being your lunatic partner (at that time).. But,  besides that.. we had so much things that we fuss… but that’s fine, that called ‘life’ ! That made our days so colorful (even, too much color in it..)

It’s only a matter of time … me.. you.. need a moment to breathe and think…

So, he we are now…. new path, new day, new me, new you… new us…

No regret, no revenge, no tears ( i wish i could…haahh! pretend that u didn’t watch all those silly part!!) :p

See you someday, somewhere…


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